Thorgrim Steeltoe

Loud, boisterous, one-legged pirate


Tanned, almost leather skin from spending time above deck at sea. Red beard, tied into thick braids, along with various trinkets dedicated to Besmara. Green eyes that resemble the sea; calm one moment, but fierce and dangerous the next. Large tattoo of a devilfish on the back of his head, with tentacles curling to either side. Tribal like tattoos across face, as well as many others on his stout frame. Several mwangi scar tattoos on neck and forearm.
Right leg missing, but replaced with a menacing peg leg. The leg ends in a massive spike, giving the dwarf his namesake.
Steeltoe is a staunch ally and friend, but will not hesitate spilling blood if he’s betrayed. Loud, boisterous, and quick with a tale, but just as likely to stop and listen to what one has to say.


Thorgrim Steeltoe was born and raised in the Shackles, a true sea rat. His mother was a whore that plied her trade near dockside, while his father gambled away the money that was earned. That’s about as much information that you’ll get out of the fierce dwarf about his past, and he prefers it that way. Not one to reminisce, Steeltoe looks forward to hard fought plunder, and a brisk wind in the sails. He has crewed many ships in the past, learning what he can and as much as possible. Once a contract has been fulfilled, the dwarf heads off to sign aboard a new ship.

Thorgrim Steeltoe

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