Quatermaster Grok

Fierce and loyal quartermaster of the Wormwood


Quartermaster Grok, aka ‘Cut-Throat’ is a fierce looking half-orc woman with sharp tusks that jut out from her lower jaw. Her head is shaved on the sides and she pulls her greasy black hair into a tight ponytail. She is never out of her battle-worn armor, and a hefty battle axe is constantly slung on her back.


Grok is friends with most and a powerful adversary to those she has enmity for. Love or hate her, she can be a tough nut to crack – but if you endear yourself to her, you have a friend for life. Like Kroop she enjoys the drink more then she should, but unlike him, she knows where she stands with Harrigan. She keeps the plunder accounted for and under watchful eye, that’s a skill that is highly value among thieves and cutpurses.

Quatermaster Grok

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