Plink-Fizz McCoy

2'1" ball of insane Gnome


There was the darkness, and the cold, and the hunger. One moment he felt heat on his face and he darted in and hid in the corner in a basket of cats.

He first remembers being found out, and being pulled out of the warm basket. “Who are you?” The voice asked? “Just a cat” he said in feline. A laugh. “Well then, Matty needs a familiar, you will do.” They took him to a brighter room and he was presented to an old crone as a bald cat.

The years went on and Plink learned to be quiet, to fetch when he needed to fetch, and to get when he needed to get. Then the Raven told him, “You know that you aren’t a familiar, and when the joke gets old, they will probably kill you.” He was always wise, and always an asshole.

Plink did some research and realized the Raven was right. He studied the way out of the cold, he had enough of that. He needed warm, and he needed to know more. Studying and talking to the other familiars he learned Alchemy. Then one day The old crone died, and the joke was over. So he stole her “magic eye” that helped her be a great witch and bluffed his way onto a wagon.

He listened at every window and every table, a shadow not to be noticed when he heard the tale:

“Although he started as a Taldan jeweler, Liat Murks eventually made a name for himself among the crew of the Deprived, who claimed the scrawny man could fix anything. By night, he endlessly tinkered, eventually creating a shiny silver toucan of springs and cogs. One morning the Deprived ran aground so he loaded the metal bird with a rescue plea and set it loose. But so convincing was the device – even to itself – that it flew into the jungles near Mgange Cove and was never seen again.”

Mgange Cove is the home of the juju pirates found off the south-west coast of the mainland of the Shackles.

“Clockwork, according the the Book in Yellow, ‘accordingly when two opposing objects are brought together they fight with all the spirit within them.It is best that when these stirrings occur that the maker is watching with tea and cakes form a good vantage point. Clocks can allow for this, brunch and a show.’ Now that is something I need to learn!”

Plink-Fizz gets a gleam in his eye, “and to make the clock move? I must meet this Liat.”

He steps back from the tall table filled with tallers, moves over to the sheepdog he had been conversing with earlier. “So boy which way is Wet?”

The sheep dog looks up from his shaggy locks and barks in the direction the road takes you, “When you smell the salt and hear the call of the gulls, you’ll be there. Beware though, a doggy paddle is not enough to steer a ship.”

“Thank You kind sir, now to head southwise. Is there a friendly I can use to head south?” While asking he sees if he can spot any carts heading south as well. Wet on the wind.

“I can doggy paddle but I will need others to steer, you are correct with that…” He starts looking out for others looking for a ship.

Plink-Fizz McCoy

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